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Special olympics games 2024

a highly... colourful range !


Colin Ingrédients has drawn its inspiration from the Olympic rings, and invites you to discoverits 5 blends sporting the colours of the
Olympic Games symbol; creations that are as tasty as they are colourful, and made from natural ingredients, like so many flavours chosen to represent certain Olympic disciplines.



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 Culinary trends

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 For veggie steaks and balls

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Flavours are the heart of the development of Colin Ingrédients.

Within the R&D team, our flavouring experts work each day on innovative solutions adapted to our customers' processes. With colourings, our aim is to keep our formulas as natural as possible !


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Spices, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and seeds.

This is the source of the know-how of Colin Ingredients, which has developed unique expertise in this area and in the dehydration of raw materials. The company is involved upstream in the cultivation of many vegetables, herbs and spices, and offers the security of a total control of its supply chain.


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Mixes and technological ingredients

Texturizing agents, preservatives, decorations, aromatic mixes, seasonings.

Thanks to solid R&D resources, our field of exploration is very large, with varied functions. Colin Ingredients relies on its know-how in each area of ingredients to create complete solutions which are as high-performing and natural as possible.


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Passion and innovation for 50 years

An independent family business which has existed for more than 50 years, Colin Ingredients is headed by Eric Colin, the son of the founder. In addition to a high-performing industrial tool in constant evolution, optimal quality in terms of the taste of products is sought after at all times.

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