Ingredients for retailers and intermediate food products

What makes the difference at Colin Ingrédients : 

  • An efficient process that guarantees a high level of food safety 

  •  Effective heat treatment to optimise the products' shelf life  

  •  An effective foreign body detection system

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 What makes the difference at Colin Ingrédients 

Advisers specialised in your business segment.    

A 16-strong R&D team with specialist knowledge of the different agri-food markets is available to handle your projects. Presentations and tasting sessions complete the technical services offered by our laboratory, and our chef brings a culinary dimension to all ongoing projects.                                                     

 A global response to your needs coordinated by a single key contact.

Thanks to their knowledge of your business segment, your key contacts are more responsive to your needs and can be a useful source of new ideas. We provide sales tools and materials that can help you to develop your business.

Confidential, personalised support for every project. 

Colin Ingrédients provides you with expertise and advice covering all your customers' different business segments.

 Packaging to meet your needs, from the big bag to the single-dose packet.