double game

Culinary trends



The consumer does not follow linear logic in his consumption habits. By nature, he is multi-faceted, changeable and unpredictable, accepting his paradoxes as a sign of freedom:

  • Lunch from the food truck on the corner, dinner in a select restaurant
  • One day in a cut-price supermarket, the next at a very selective small local producer
  • Mondays casual, Tuesdays chic creative designer
  • An insistence on the right to tune out and keep an eye glued permanently to his smartphone
  • A successful day’s sport and the next day a TV dinner fan

You don’t choose a side, you want to play both ends against the middle: make way for agility and communities of chameleon consumers!

These accepted paradoxes prompt brands to offer a user experience sufficiently rich and varied to excite the desire always to consume more.